While 69.4% of the population lives in rural India, with incomplete infrastructure, poor literacy and socio-economic backwardness, the school education scenario still remains gloomy:

  • With 47 million children dropping out before upper secondary school, India has highest out-of-school adolescents in the world
  • 2.9 million children have not attended any school, which is 3rd highest in the world
  • Only 43% of the children in Standard VII can do a 3-digit by 1-digit division

Due to lack of learning environment in school & home, turbulent childhood, rote teaching methods and ignorance towards child’s varied emotions, abilities, and interests, many mentally sound children are deprived of an opportunity to learn. Child laborers & school dropouts, Dyslexic children, Children from poor families, Children with turbulent childhood and Children who are unable to adjust to regular schools, form this group of opportunity deprived children.

While our organization is just a drop in the ocean in terms of solving the issue, we believe our school is a practical example of addressing the issue successfully. We envision to replicate this school model across India. Since inception, many corporate companies and philanthropic institutions have come forward to support our cause.

Through CSR funds and Philanthropic Grants, you will strengthen our school model to further extent:

  • Long-term partnership with your organization will ensure sustainability of our school
  • Your support would ensure all children in our school are served with education, food, accommodation & welfare in an environment charged with love, care & empathy

For more details, please contact us:
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eMail: sdkachana@gmail.com

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