A 2.5 acres of calm & green environment with more than 300+ trees, kaliyuva mane is an ideal place for the children to relish in a pleasant environment away from hussle buzzle of the city.

Along with education, eco-friendly practices like rain-water harvesting, solar-powered lighting etc.., have been practiced to reduce the carbon footprint of our school on the planet. With active participation in all these activities, children do inculcate an eco-conscious behavior right from the childhood.

Following eco-friendly practices are implemented in the school:

  • Kitchen equipped with Bio Gas & Astra stove (pollution free)
  • Solar powered computer laboratory
  • Solar lighting
  • Rain-water harvesting
  • Organic Dairy
  • Eco Toilet
  • Vanasuma – Organic farm to impart environmental education
  • Eco-chip board in the place of wood
  • Handmade greeting cards from waster paper and cloth